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How did Chinese Medicine begin?

Chinese herbalism was developed from the founder Shen Nong from prior 13th century BC. Shen Nong trialed every herb on himself that he could find for it’s therapeutic functions and documented them in what is used and known today as the Chinese Materia Medica.

What happens during my Chinese Medicine consultation?

A professionally trained and registered Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner will take a detailed history of your chief complaint and follow up with specific examination techniques. These include pulse reading, tongue inspection and auricular(ear) diagnosis. This will narrow each pattern of disease from the possible cause and effect. If further investigations are necessary, they will be requested. Afterwards, a prescription is created immediately based on the findings. The total session time may take up to 15 minutes.

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What do i need to know about Chinese Herbal medicine?

Chinese herbal formulas function differently to pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs work universally however Chinese herbal medicine is created to suit the individual. This means your lower back pain formula will not likely have the same affect for your friend’s lower back pain.

Herbs come in the form of raw, granules and pills. Our clinic exclusively stocks granules and pills only to save you from cooking. Granules are prepared by mixing it with hot water while pills are can be taken as normal tablets. Granules have a higher potency as opposed to pills although pills are much more convenient to take. There is an earthy taste for granules which may vary from bitter, salty, sweet or sour depending on herb composure.

Most conditions require granules to be ingested 1-2 times per day while pills are 3-4 times a day. This will vary depending on multiple factors such as age, gender, constitution and of course the health concern itself.

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