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Lower Back Pain & Chronic Pain Specialist Sydney

Providing pain management and advanced treatments for lower back pain relief

Centennial Qi Therapies, located in New South Wales, provides patients with effective, personalised lower and chronic back pain treatment.

As a lower back and chronic pain specialist in Sydney, I have a  thorough understanding of chronic pain and other types of persistent pain. I can identify the underlying source of your pain and offer intensive lower back strain and chronic pain treatment. My treatments are individualised and created to relieve your lower back pain, persistent neck pain, and headaches.

Get in touch with Centennial Qi Therapies right away if you suffer from chronic lower back, neck, or headache pain. As a skilled therapist, I can help you discover the most efficient and long-lasting pain relief method.

Chronic Pain Treatment at Centennial Qi Therapies

Do you often experience actue neck pain and lower back pain? Perhaps you’re trying to find a therapy or treatment to minimise this discomfort and attain maximum relief. If so, our chronic pain treatment can help.

At Centennial Qi Therapies, I provide individualised chronic neck pain, headache, and lower back pain strain treatment to patients to improve their health and quality of life. Whether you have a desk job that requires hours of sitting or you are an athlete who runs on the field practising, my treatments can help ease your chronic pain and ensure maximum relaxation. My  individualised chronic pain treatment plan enables you to return to your daily activities without experiencing any incapacitating discomfort.

Don’t bare the pain alone. Instead, reach out to find the best solution and treatment for your chronic pain.

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Experienced and Qualified Therapist

As a lower back pain and chronic pain specialist in Sydney, I can identify the root of such bodily discomfort and persistent pain. My years of practice and subject-matter knowledge enables me to truly understand your issues. I can provide you with a tailored treatment after understanding the severity of your pain and other bodily issues or condition.

As your therapist. I use the best methods to help you find the optimum solution for your pain. Employing pain-centric techniques will assist you in finding relief from discomforting, long-lasting, and painful sufferings.

My individualised treatments will surely help you with your musculoskeletal ailments and issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most popular treatments for chronic pain are physical therapies, stress reduction approaches, and relaxation techniques. Using physical therapies, a chronic pain specialist in Sydney can identify the underlying source of your pain and offer individualised treatment for long-lasting relief.
It is best to reach out to a doctor or specialist that can help you with the complete chronic treatment and help you get back to your daily life without suffering from any discomfort in future.
If chronic pain keeps you from returning to work or carrying out your normal daily activities, it can be considered a disability. Consult a physician who can help you if the discomfort has been persistent for several weeks.
Persistent pain that has been there for more than 3 months or beyond the healing time is considered chronic pain.
If their doctor permits it after consultation, people with chronic pain can keep working.
If you have any additional enquiries about chronic pain or lower back pain in Sydney, get in touch with me directly or schedule an appointment. You can reach out to me by phone at (02) 9871 3088 or by email at

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